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Hello Simba :D

Some fishes like big ponds, some prefer to be in smaller ponds. We on the other hand don't care how big our pond is, as long as we get to eat lions with our tuna friends in our pond. You can join us in our daily hunts, but you need to bring your own kelp breathing apparatus.

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Selected Work

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360 Pharmacy-gray 360 Pharmacy Branding, Print
Tablea: Chocolate Cafe-gray Tablea: Chocolate Cafe Branding, Print
NGT4U-gray NGT4U Branding, Online
Creamee D-lite-gray Creamee D-lite Branding, Print
Christian Villeneuve-gray Christian Villeneuve Branding, Print
Milkfish Studio-gray Milkfish Studio Branding, Print, Online
Chuva chuva-gray Chuva chuva Branding, Print
Noy Jopson-gray Noy Jopson Branding, Print
Enderun Student Government-gray Enderun Student Government Branding, Print
Maribago Bluewater Resort-gray Maribago Bluewater Resort Branding, Pitched, Print
Hickorybarn-gray Hickorybarn Branding, Print
Ideall-gray Ideall Branding, Print
Smitten Accessories-gray Smitten Accessories Branding, Print
International Gaming Training Center-gray International Gaming Training Center Branding, Print, Online
Yoozoo-gray Yoozoo Branding, Print


Talk to your customers.

These days, brands and businesses communicate differently. You've noticed the change. It's a digital world. You know your customers are out there. How do you reach them?

Milkfish provides serious brand strategy for companies looking to be relevant in a 21st century business environment.

We are a Digital Creative Agency that provides media services in a variety of platforms. The best thing about our services is that they are both specialized and integrated. High design capability, IT and web development backbone, communications and public relations specialization, extensive experience with branding, packaging design, print, social networking and multimedia combined with five years of working as a corporate team makes us a highly reliable partner for all your creative projects.

Our technical capabilities and flexibility in handling small- to large-scale media projects makes us a highly approachable creative service provider for any type of business seeking to launch campaigns through multiple platforms. Combining art and technology, we have a characteristically new media approach, working with you to achieve your communication goals in a changed advertising milieu.

Are we human? or are we dancer?

Anthony Giovanni Chua
Anthony Giovanni Chua

Currently the group’s fo and lead analyst, he's usually the one that crunches and ponders. When not doing that; you'll prolly find him delving into some mysterious code or spontaneously breaking out into song with his horrendous voice.

Reylan Gayas
Reylan Gayas

Is a well-oiled print design specialist, and is probably the fastest gun of them all. You can count on him to whip up a layout in record time, but don’t ask him to do it without a down payment or some instant pancit canton.

Oscar Bicada III
Oscar Bicada III

Says he loves simple things but we beg to differ. His work is far from simple. We want to say the words “design genius” but that’ll drive him away, back to his island which he, for some unexplainable reason, often faces when he pees.

Jeremie Michaels Lim
Jeremie Michaels Lim

Likes to invent new games, like "passing on the Yahoo! cube" and "laugh at random person for no apparent reason". He plays bass and composes sweet computer codes. A lomography enthusiast, you’ll always find new whimsical photos on his Facebook.

Martino Bobby Olvido
Martino "Bobby" Olvido

Is the 'newguy' in the group. Which means he has to cope with his share of rookie pranks. We hope he doesn’t blow his top, because if he does he just might give us a demo of one of his favorite WWF moves. Yes, he still watches that stuff. Cringe.

Shaola Apple Sanchez
Shaola Apple Sanchez

Believes life is as surreal as art, and it shows in her “melting” artwork and continuous exploration. Already known for her sweet personality, she tries not to grumble during deadlines.

Michelle Varron
Michelle Varron

Is someone you don’t mess with in and out of the office. In the office, she works the keyboard like second nature. Outside, those same fingers are doing the Snake Fist.


We would welcome discussing a potential project with you. Please feel free to call or email us without obligation. It’s our job to make sure that you are fully informed of the requirements, costs and timelines before the start of our partnership. We are located in Cebu City, Philippines and are flexible enough to handle both local and international projects.

  • Room 1 Second Floor, L&K Building,
  • Don Jose Avila Street, Capitol Site
  • Cebu City, Philippines 6000