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Hello Simba :D

Some fishes like big ponds, some prefer to be in smaller ponds. We on the other hand don't care how big our pond is, as long as we get to eat lions with our tuna friends in our pond. You can join us in our daily hunts, but you need to bring your own kelp breathing apparatus.

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Jumpin' Jiminy Christmas! FPS Keyboard Shortcuts! Use your keyboard to navigate through our our website and free your other hand for fapping.

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Talk to your customers.

These days, brands and businesses communicate differently. You've noticed the change. It's a digital world. You know your customers are out there. How do you reach them?

Milkfish provides serious brand strategy for companies looking to be relevant in a 21st century business environment.

We are a Digital Creative Agency that provides media services in a variety of platforms. The best thing about our services is that they are both specialized and integrated. High design capability, IT and web development backbone, communications and public relations specialization, extensive experience with branding, packaging design, print, social networking and multimedia combined with five years of working as a corporate team makes us a highly reliable partner for all your creative projects.

Our technical capabilities and flexibility in handling small- to large-scale media projects makes us a highly approachable creative service provider for any type of business seeking to launch campaigns through multiple platforms. Combining art and technology, we have a characteristically new media approach, working with you to achieve your communication goals in a changed advertising milieu.